The Way We Ride


The Rules of Safe Group Riding


On  this page we learn about “Who’s Who” in a riding group as well as spell  out the rules that are observed by Winnipeg Chapter 9024 H.O.G.® while  riding in a group. These rules 

have  been adopted in a effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding  experience for all riders, no matter what level of experience they have.  Please review these rules/responsibilities and have 

a safe ride.

Thanks from Your Chapter Road Captains!

 Here's a video on group riding ; 

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Road Captain

• Chooses the route and advises the Sweep and the group

• Determines where to place “new” riders in the group

• Leads the ride

• Signals lane changes (which are passed on to the Sweep)

• Makes sure there are no other vehicles in the lane the group is changing to

• Determines where gas stops will be made based on the bike with the smallest tank

• Keeps an eye on how everyone is riding and tactfully talks to anyone whose riding may be a hazard to the group


• Helps any bike that has to stop during the ride

• Secures the lane once the Road Captain signals a lane change

• Takes over the lead or arranges for a second Road Captain should the group get split up

• Keeps an eye on how everyone is riding and tactfully talks to anyone whose riding may be a hazard to the group

  The Group

• Knows the “Ride Rules” of the Chapter

• Looks out for their own safety and the safety of those around them

• Passes on all hand signals. 

• Follows the bike in front of them

• Does not change lanes or tire tracks until after the bike in front of them does

• Speaks to the Road Captain or Sweep if they have any concerns with the way the Chapter is riding

• Maintains the group speed so that we have no gaps that invite cars to jump into the 

  middle of the group


1. Inexperienced  riders are welcome: we prefer to position them towards the rear of the  group. We ask that new riders be comfortable with their bikes and  abilities before attempting a group ride.

2. Arrive  at the ride starting point at least 10 minutes in advance to allow for  pre-ride preparation. This would include such things as a safety check,  discussion of the route and fuel stops and a review of hand signals  which must be used during the ride.

3. Arrive  with a full gas tank, an empty bladder and appropriate riding gear.  Don’t assume that because it is warm when you leave that it will be that  way until you get back. Bring clothing for cold and/or wet as well.

4. We will ride in a staggered formation with a two second gap between bikes in the same tire track.

5. If  a space occurs in the staggered formation it should be corrected by  riders in the same tire track moving forward to close it rather that  everyone switching between left and right tire tracks.

6. Staggered  bikes coming to a stop will assume a side by side formation and leave  the stop and enter the intersection together. Although bikes will leave  the intersection together, the bike in the left tire track will move off  slightly faster so that we are back in staggered formation by the time  we clear the intersection.

7. The Road Captain (lead bike) will initiate the speed and lane changes. Do not pass the Road Captain.

8. A  Sweep (last bike) will be appointed for each ride. The Sweep will be  responsible for pulling over to assist another bike should that bike  signal that help is needed. The group will continue on until all bikes  can safely pull over.

9. Two  or more groups may be formed depending on the number of bikes that are  involved in a ride. Each group will have a separate Road Captain and  Sweep.

10. Passing  will be initiated by the Road Captain’s flasher, then hand signal, then  he/she will pull out and secure the passing lane as long as traffic  permits. 

11. Follow the bike in front of you. 

12. Regardless of the Road Captain’s signals, a rider is responsible for his or her own safety at all times.

13. Once  the group has departed from a stop it is expected that there is a  commitment to go to the next stop. If you know in advance that you will  be leaving the group ensure that you inform the Sweep and/or the Road  Captain and then ride toward the back of the group, or as directed by  the Sweep.